Travel Germany by…

Travel opportunities in Germany

1. Car

I know I know, at some highways in Germany you can drive as fast as you want. But watch out for traffic. At some highways (Autobahn) there are toooo much cars, so that it could get on your nerves.

You can prevent a bit by switching on the radio, select an English radio station, and hear the ‘traffic stats’. Yes we have a few English radio stations in Germany. You’ll find them.

2. Train

That’s pretty amazing. I love traveling by train! You can see the country and get to know other people. I have found a company on the net that offers good prices on train travel. Check them out at Connex.

3. Bus

One more opportunity to travel through Germany. We do have many companies whose offer bus travel. Ask the travel agencies and they will tell you them.


There are several “small” companies, who have its own airplanes, and low cost. Not everybody knows them…

Germanwings, Air Berlin, TuiFly, Gexx

(You should find an “English Flag” button at the top on their sites)

Go to their website and discover cheap trips within Germany. If you sign up for their newsletter, you get instant messages when they have incredible offers like “10,000 tickets for $1 per ticket”.


Obama visits Germany

The designated candidate for the U.S. presidential Barack Obama arrived on Thursday morning with a special machine in Berlin.

He was welcomed at Tegel airport by a protocol official of the Foreign Office in Germany´s capital. Immediately after his arrival, the democratic politicians was driven to the chancellery – where a meeting  with German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planned. At midday, the U.S. Democratic politician will also meet up with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Stein Meier.

The highlight of his day visit in Germany then will be Obamas speech in the early evening at the Victory Column at the Berlin Zoo, near the Brandenburg Gate. In addition, tens of thousands of listeners are expected.

Euro final, Events, Weather

The Final – Party in Berlin

A big celebration will be held on sunday the 29th with more than 5000.000 people expected to celebrate this event at the Berlin Fanmeile close to Brandenburger Tor! So be part of it!

Other Events this weekend

Ruhr in Love @ Recklinghausen, Wartburg Festival Eisenach, Naumburger Kirschfest

The Weekend Weather

Today rainy except a little sunshine in the south, around 20 degrees, Tomorrow afternoon Sunshine comes out with temperatures around 25 degrees

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